Prayer List: 17 May 2008

Welcome to the weekly prayer list. Rules are as always: if you’re compelled to pray, please do so. Know that if you post a prayer request here, there are several committed brothers, including myself, who enjoy praying for you. You do not have to be struggling with SSA-related issues to request prayer here. You’re welcome and that’s enough.

For myself, I went to the doctor to get a progress report on the leg health and the news was mixed: I’m healing, slowly but well, and I still don’t get approved for weight-bearing on that leg, not even a little. The reason is that if I’m in some sort of accident and break this leg again, messing up the rod and screws inside, there are “no good alternatives left.” Meaning amputation. I have to live, I have to get out of this apartment — but hoo, baby, does it make me nervous to consider it!

Also: there are some big changes coming for me that I can’t discuss publicly yet. It’s going to involve a lot of work and comes as I’m making major changes in my life to improve my health. All the changes are important, but this newest one involves making a major change in my life to improve my spiritual growth. Would you pray for me, that I would be able to close one chapter while opening another?



~ by WriterRand on May 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Prayer List: 17 May 2008”

  1. I’m definitely praying for you, bro.

    I actually do have a prayer request (and a praise report). I was supposed to begin moving into my apartment yesterday morning. Unfortunately, as soon as awoke, I was hugging my toilet and have been violently sick ever since then. Good times. I begin working this Thursday and REALLY need to get moved and settled before then.

    My praise is that I’m doing much better today, compared to yesterday. However, I’m still not well enough to load, unload, and unpack. Thanks.


  2. Praying for your health, Steve! And for a good, successful move. Safety, energy, etc.

    Thanks for sharing that with us.

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