Ryan, An Update

From Ryan’s mother to my friend Andrea:

I cannot tell you enough what it means to us that you remember Ryan, and that you actually PRAY for him. This is so rare in our lives. Please, PLEASE thank [FormerlyGay] for us. Our prayer is that God will do whatever it takes to show Ryan that His grace and mercy are big enough to more than cover all the wrong that Ryan has done, despite the lies to the contrary that Satan whispers to him all the time. On Sunday it will be exactly one year since Ryan disappeared from our lives…and tonight he is in jail...and we miss him terribly. But he has threatened to kill us if we contact him (we still don’t understand what that is about, other than that he cannot stand the fact that we continue to love him, when he feels so undeserving of it, so he has turned to hatred of us), so there is really nothing we can do, for the sake of the other kids, who are terrified of him…and the things he has done to us thus far.  [Emphasis FG’s.]

Prayer is rare?  Man, that just should not be.

Just a bit of an update.  I take this as a good sign, I think.  In jail, he will have restricted, if no access to his drug, so it’ll be a chance to detox.  I hear Meth detox is exceptionally brutal, so prayers for all concerned there will be appreciated.

Thanks for bowing in for Ryan and his family.  It’s a miserable situation and I pray that he’ll be freed from his own personal jail.


~ by WriterRand on June 10, 2008.

One Response to “Ryan, An Update”

  1. Wow!! Dude, I’m most definitely lifting Ryan, his family, and his friends up in prayer. I can’t even begin to imagine what everyone is going through.

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