Prayer List: 29 June 2008

Sunday night, time for the weekly prayer list:  drill’s the same.  Got a prayer request?  Leave a comment and we’ll pray over it this week.  Got time to pray for people here?  Please do.  Not all requests have to be SSA-related.  It’s just a time of open prayer for the readers.


Finances.  I could use some.

Praise:  new people on chat, not just talking to frequent commentors on the blog (hi Jay!) but being able to answer questions and help guys start to deal with those feelings they just hoped would go away some day.

Praise:  2658 hits on the blog this month, the highest count in the history of the blog!

Praise:  relationship with God has never been better!

Prayer:  leg health.  I go in for another set of x-rays mid-August and I think things have improved dramatically…but I have to wait and see.  This is important because so many things are on hold until I get approval for weightbearing on the leg.

Prayer: for our friend Ryan, in jail, probably detoxing still from a severe Meth addiction.  Hates his family, hates God, dealing with SSA, and once knew Jesus.  Pray that the Holy Spirit protects and convicts and restores.  And for his family who is suffering greatly.

That’s me.  What’s up with you this week?


~ by WriterRand on June 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Prayer List: 29 June 2008”

  1. I will be praying for your finances and your leg/mobility. I care, but God cares more. I will also pray for God to help you encourage those guys you chat with.

    Things went well with our mutual friend’s wedding. It gave me great joy.

    Please pray for a guy here in San Diego I am building a friendship with and hoping to share the Good News with. His name is David and as far as I know he does not struggle with SSA, but he trusts me.

    Also, please pray for me. A gay guy started to flirt with me a few weeks ago and it was a serious temptation. God gave grace and I walked away, but not without a serious battle. Pray that God will continue to help me say no in those situations.

  2. I’m definitely praying for you, dude.

    As for me, I begin working at the nursing home on the 3rd, and I’m really nervous about it. I’m nearly done with school (for now), so I’ll definitely have enough time and energy to adjust to everything. So that’s good. =)

  3. MR: Definitely praying for the temptation issues! Man, keep me/us informed on this so we can hold you up in prayer beyond this week!

    Good to know that you’re beginning to develop deeper relationships again and able to do that relational counseling thing you do so well.

    And if there are pictures of you-know-who’s wedding, and if they’re online, I’d like to see them!

    You know about the Skype number, right?

    Steve: Man, we need good aides and nurses in nursing homes; I was in one for five years and nearly lost my mind. I want to meet more than ever and compare notes!

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