SSA-Positive Churches

I’m including this link again because of mail searching for SSA-positive churches. Acts 29, the ministry that Mars Hill runs and maintains to plant churches around the country, makes certain that the churches they help plant are positive and affirming to men who are dealing with unwanted feelings of same sex attraction.

Find the list here:

As always, additions to this list (including the kind of help available and/or idea of the love and theology available to men involved in this struggle) would be most appreciated.


~ by WriterRand on July 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “SSA-Positive Churches”

  1. Hey.

    Mars Hill is my home-church in Seattle. =) The A29 Network is amazing, it’s how I found my church here in Bellingham. =)

    Thanks for posting this, dude.

  2. It’s my home church too. (Ballard campus, 11 a.m.) Lemme know when you visit Seattle and maybe we can meet?

  3. Haha! It truly is a small world, isn’t it? =) I go to the Wedgwood campus (the evening service). My friend, Whitney, and I used to visit Ballard’s evening service. It’s amazing and totally convicting, the sermons he preaches. =) I’ll definitely let you know when I’m visiting.

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