Prayer List: 14 July 2008

It’s time for our weekly prayer list. This is where if you’ve got a prayer request, even if it’s not SSA-related, you’re welcome to post it here with the knowledge that others will be praying for you this week.

For me:

I have a friend in Australia, Wendy, who discovered this week that she has cancer. She’s buggin’, but God will be faithful.

For my friend James in Texas, who is finishing up school and preparing to move to Seattle at the beginning of September.  For Jay who’s packing up and going back to school on Thursday.

For myself and fear: I’ve come to realize just how much fear has ruled my life and kept me in this untenable life situation; I need the courage to come up with another plan, to ask for the resources I need to make the plan work, and to forge ahead. Part of getting over this fear has been forgiving myself for being afraid: the last time I got proactive and did something strong for myself…I had a gastric bypass surgery which nearly killed me. So yeah, it’s okay to be afraid. It is not okay to stay in that fear. I need to find the strength and the faith to believe that God wants more for me than where I’m at now.

Thanks. So what’s on your heart this week?


~ by WriterRand on July 14, 2008.

One Response to “Prayer List: 14 July 2008”

  1. Moved into my new apartment safe and sound! Thanks for the prayers, FG (and everyone else).

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