“Sorry We Asked, Sorry You Told”

As it turns out, the most effective way to get the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law removed in this country is to just let the people against it speak for themselves.

I personally think that the weakest, most ridiculous argument that the military brings up is that we can’t have gay soldiers fighting for their country due to “moral” reasons. With the “moral waivers” being handed out to every drug dealer and gang member we’ve been able to scrape up and put in uniform, it’s not like we’ve exactly gone out and hired the Knights of the Round Table. Thankfully the morals argument has all but vanished in the intervening years between it’s inception under the Clinton Administration and the end of the Bush Administration.  Just don’t tell Elaine Donnelly.

Anyway, here’s Dana Milbank and his column about Elaine Donnelly and her testimony. Enjoy:

Washington Post Column on Elaine Donnelly and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

~ by WriterRand on July 26, 2008.

4 Responses to ““Sorry We Asked, Sorry You Told””

  1. It’s absurd that in this day and age we still have to deal with this sort of thing. How is homosexuality “immoral?” Because some old book says so? I’ve yet to see a convincing reason to consider it immoral in any way.

  2. actually, God Himself never says a word about homosexuality. Paul did. But Paul also felt that women should be silent in church and that slavery was justified.

  3. I grew up not to far from a military town. Straight soldiers are some of the most skirt-chasing men you will ever meet… just as immoral, in my book (and God’s), as any practicing homosexual.

  4. Whoops… Last comment was me. Put the e-mail address in the Name box. 🙂

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