Gene Variant May Make People Transsexual

Jay and I were chatting on AIM this morning when the question came up of sharing Christ with transsexuals.  What do you do THERE?  Man, this is one of the hardest areas for me, the whole idea of sexual identity, sin and holiness.  What do you TELL men and women struggling to find identity?

Read this.  You tell me:


~ by WriterRand on July 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “Gene Variant May Make People Transsexual”

  1. I’m going to pick a couple of nits with the assumptions underlying your post:

    (1) In spite of the term ‘transsexual’, transsexuality is about gender, not sexual identity – the two topics are quite distinct. (I once saw a quip that said “Sexual identity is about who you f***, gender identity is about who you are socially – crude perhaps, but it gets to the heart of the distinction)

    (2) The struggle for transsexuals is not so much identity as acceptance – a very personal, internal kind of acceptance.

    For the most part, share with transsexuals the same way that you share with someone who is not TS. If you make an issue out of their gender identity, you will meet with resistance. If you simply accept them as they are, they will be generally receptive to honest discourse.

  2. THANK you for taking the time to inform me. This is an area that i know I need to be more aware on, I just can’t parse things in my head. The difference between the things I believe and the things I feel is enormous on this issue.

    God bless. Thank you again, Michelle. I hope you feel welcomed and accepted here.

  3. There are two books on transsexualism that I think are worth the time to read (especially for a non-trans person trying to get a grasp on what is part of the transsexual experience)

    – True Selves by Brown and Rounsley (often in public libraries – but hard to get there, available on Amazon)
    – The Uninvited Dilemma by K. E. Stuart (You might find this in a college library, but otherwise it’s a purchase book)

    The transsexual experience is very difficult to parse for someone who is ‘comfortable in their gender’. The best metaphor – beyond the classic ‘woman in a man’s body’ routine – is it’s rather like having the ‘wrong half of the rulebook’.

    Consider trying to play baseball, but while your team is at bat, someone handed you the rules for outfield play and told you those are the rules of the game – clearly, if your team is ‘at bat’, the outfield rules are quite irrelevant to what you are expected to do.

    For transsexuals, the experience is that the world keeps insisting that you act one way, based on how they perceive you, but internally it just doesn’t make any sense to you. (It’s hard to date a woman when you find yourself wanting the kind of relationship that women share with each other)

    I’m sorry that this is all so abstract, but then again, identity is as hard to define as jelly is to catch.

  4. You would not know many classic transsexuals are such. The average transgender would not fool you in the least.

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