“My Whole Family Thinks I’m Gay”

Time to take a break from the el serioso and laugh.

MR sent this along in email last night.  Screamingly funny stuff.  Be sure to check out his other vids.  I predict someone’s gonna see this and the kid’s gonna be working in show business before too long.

(UPDATE:  IS he gay?  I doubt it.  In his rap, anyone who can come up with the phrase “titty Venn diagram” has had the time to think about the female breast…but seriously, I predict great things for this kid.)


~ by WriterRand on August 4, 2008.

4 Responses to ““My Whole Family Thinks I’m Gay””

  1. LMAO this is hilarious!!

  2. I am humor-impaired but this guy Bo Burnham found a way to reach that underdeveloped part of my brain and made even me laugh. As he says in a rap, he “can really find your…spot”

    WATCH HIS FACE ! He does a hilarious impression of teen angst.

    BTW after he did this video someone saw him and now he is already professionally doing live comedy shows.

  3. […] formerlygay Bookmark this Post: […]

  4. Good stuff. That kid is talented.

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