Ooops. Not Gay After All!

And although there aren’t statistics to show how many men go through a similar sexual shift, anecdotal evidence suggests that some men who consider themselves to be gay experience this kind of change not because of sexual experimentation or peer pressure but because they decide that they want to sleep with women instead of men. — Details Magazine

Look.  I’m the first one to admit that human sexuality is not as set in stone as people like to think it is.  I think given the right circumstances and emotional and spiritual environment, percentages of gayness and straightness can shift on you.

But what would happen if the percentages shifted so egregiously in one direction that your orientation changed on you and you realize that you really do have a strong sexual desire for the opposite sex?

Yeah, I know.  Among other things, that blows the “orientation is hardwired” theory all to snot.  I think Details is a pretty subtly gay magazine, aimed at young men who really don’t know what their orientation is yet, or know and don’t give it a second moment’s thought.  This article may signal a new trend that’s worth watching.

~ by WriterRand on August 11, 2008.

One Response to “Ooops. Not Gay After All!”

  1. Actually, it doesn’t blow the “gay is hardwired” theory apart at all, but it depends upon whether one views human behaviour as polar, with definite demarcations or as a spectrum of behaviours.

    Based somewhat upon my own experience of gender, I tend to be of the opinion that what we actually have is a spectrum of behaviour, ranging from exclusively heterosexual to exclusively homosexual. Those who are to some degree or another in the middle (e.g. not at the polar extremes) will tend to show some degree of flexibility. (arguably bisexual even if they do not identify as such)

    Before you dismiss this, consider the wide range of behaviours we see in gender. Just as there are overtly “macho” males, there are also quite a few overtly effeminate males as well, and a lot of people who fall in the middle somewhere – generally masculine, but with some traits often considered “feminine” by society at large.

    Perhaps “hardwired” is the wrong term here, and elastics are a better metaphor. (An individual can stretch themselves a certain distance in one direction or another along a given behavioural axis)

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