Prayer List: 31 August 2008

As always, everyone is welcome to post their prayer requests here. Lurkers and occasional posters are fine. And all prayer requests do not have to be SSA-related either.

For me:

Remember me telling you about my friend’s son Ryan? The one who has the meth problem, violent relationship with his family, dealing with SSA and addictions? My friend Andrea reports that he’s called his family this week, the first time in 14 months! Please continue to pray for Ryan and his family, that God would bring Ryan back to him and keep him safe.

James is on his way from Texas to Seattle this week, coming to Seattle to start his new life after college. It’s a huge transition for him, not to mention driving from Texas to Seattle. Please pray for his safety and for all the thousand and one little things that can go wrong in a situation like this. Microsoft starts soon for him, too.

For me: finances, depression, and my continued writing work. I really need to start making money. I’m also starting a new diet/exercise program this week so prayers for that would be great. Thanks.

Okay, what’s on your mind for this week? How can we pray for you?

(UPDATE: I went to the doctor today to get my leg looked at and to get a release so I could start exercising it again.  While the rest of the leg has smoothed over and shows almost complete healing, there is a “divot” near the knee where the bone is incredibly thin and, if broken, could cause real serious problems.  so it’s another SIX WEEKS of exercise restriction.  I’d appreciate your prayers for the leg and for exercising and getting over this situation.  Thanks, guys.)


~ by WriterRand on August 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Prayer List: 31 August 2008”

  1. I’m believing this…that Christ’s shed blood on the cross has covered over every generational sin and curse and for this reason I stand in the place of blessing. By faith and obedience David took down Goliath and with faith and obedience Israel entered The Promise Land. I thank my Lord that His resources never run out!

    I am in need of a home. I need of a basement suite or something to open by the end of October.

    As of right now I’m house siting and blessed financially. And I’ll need to solidify where I’m going to be staying when I’m done house siting.

    Just pray that Heaven’s Gates continue to be open wide that I may receive from the Lord His blessings and provisions for me.


  2. Um, the company I work for has just announced they are closing the place where I work and laying off all the employees. Pray that God will provide and give wisdom about where to go next. My life has certainly been an adventure lately, but thankfully God is in control.

    To answer the question before you ask, yes, I would be open to Seattle! I just don’t know yet.

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