Special Prayer Request

Dealing with some hurt tonight that has the potential to make me bitter, angry and destructive.  I need to not be and it’s my strongest desire to look like Jesus in all of this.  Please pray God’s successful in holding my spirit close to His.



~ by WriterRand on September 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “Special Prayer Request”

  1. Amen!!

  2. Grace to you in the name of our Father. I know bitterness better than I should. I know the kinds of anger that instill it into our hearts, and the toxins it creates. I will hold you in prayer this evening.

    May the Lord who is able to keep you, be with you as you walk through this moment. May you find the strength in Him to die to yourself, pick up this cross, and run after Him.



  3. I will be praying for you. Remember what Jesus said about how much He has forgiven you. That will help you forgive others. I will pray for God to help you be happy not only eternally, but also here in this life as you see God work.

    I will also be praying for whoever has hurt you, that they will stop doing that and ask your forgiveness.

  4. Michael: I’m blessed by your prayers and by your blog as well. Thank you so much. It’s good to have you here.

    MR: Yes, that’s the key isn’t it? Remembering that we’re sinners, too, and have been forgiven deeply and freely. God not only died for the sins we’ve committed, but for the sins that have been committed against us.

    Remembering this will bring me peace and making ripping out his still-beating heart and showing it to him while he screams in horror so much less fulfilling.

  5. i need prayer for my family. my daughter is pregnant.and isnt married. the problem is this guy is so controllin and spitful.to be honest. he i just a mean person in not just my eyes.to most all that know him. they live with us. he knows that i have an emotional problems. he nows this. my husband is truck driver. so when he is home everything goes so well. but when he leaves this guy starts all these head games again. i need prayer to learn to cope and not to dread coming back to own home after work.
    thank you for your love and prayers

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