Being a writer, specifically a dramatist, I have to keep my ears open to new slang. Keeps dialogue fresh and interesting, although at times it’s just pretentious. Anyway, buzzfeed has a new one: “gaysted.”

Buzzfeed: “Lifestyle Buzz Heterosexual people getting so wasted, they slip into seemingly gay acts. The loose definition: ‘It is when you are soooo drunk (wasted) and dudes start dancing with you and you just sort of go along with it and then they start putting their arms around you and you just kind of keep rolling with it because you’re drunk and you sort of think the dude is being your dancefloor bro, but then when you sober up you realize that the situash is sort of weird. when this happens, you tell your friends, ‘dude, i got so gaysted last night.’”

Memo to straight people: some of us are only now learning how to deal with being gay or same-sex attracted; you’re freakin’ us, now. Just…stop. How bored ARE straight people, anyway?

Regardless, consider this your mini-briefing on popular culture and social language. You may now resume your lives.


~ by WriterRand on September 15, 2008.

One Response to ““Gaysted””

  1. OK, Gaysted? So waisted that it now becomes gaysted… your too funny. I liked your little memo to straight people.

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