Suspicious of Grace

I have friends who believe that they must “stand up against homosexuality” (not gay rights, not gay marriage, but homosexuality) because it’s their job as Christians to stand up against the things that are still wrong in this society.

(Insert heavy, weary sigh here.)

This is for everyone who feels they must hammer the law because of their suspicions of grace. It is from my friend Wendy whom I love and adore as one of the more reasonable, balanced, intelligent and emotionally intelligent theologians I know:

However, instead of citing examples of how I’ve seen God’s example of grace abandoned in Christian conflict, this week I saw an example of God’s grace embraced for the long haul. And you know what? It worked! Forbearing long with our brother in Christ in love, forgiveness, humility, and grace actually worked to bring someone to repentance.

But despite those moments when we see grace work, we often remain suspicious of its power. The argument I hear against such longsuffering grace usually goes something like this. “Well, aren’t you tolerating sin if you bear long? At some point, don’t you have to stop enduring or others will think you are condoning their actions? You need to separate yourself and take a stand against their sin. Otherwise, everyone will think it’s OK to do what they are doing!”

And you know what? I’d probably agree with all of that IF Jesus hadn’t died on the cross to atone for our sins. Jesus’ payment for our sins demands a different response.

Go read the whole post here and check out the rest of her postings as well. She’s incredible. Then buy her book.

(UPDATE:  No.  Seriously.  If you’ve ever been judged by another Christian for “not really being a Christian” because of your struggles with same sex attraction, then re-read this blog post and memorize that scripture like your soul depended on it.  Wendy nails this hardcore.  Don’t be swayed by the simplicity and forthrightness of her view.  It’s potent and should be required reading.)

~ by WriterRand on October 2, 2008.

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