Meta: Expanding This Blog to Include More

I’ve been threatening to expand this blog for a while.  I’d like to include not only the ability to easily incorporate other bloggers onto the site, but to also include a message board and a chat feature.  All of these are easily done through various content management systems.

So, being incredibly poor but believing in an incredible God, I’m looking for dirt cheap web hosting sites where I can reserve the name “” and include a bbs and chat feature.  Anyone have a favorite dirt cheap web host they’d like to recommend?  Free software features?  I’m considering Drupal or Joomla for putting all this together, keeping WordPress as the blogging software.  Anyone got great experiences with same they’d like to share?  Leave me a comment.

Thanks, guys.


P.S.:  Things are a bit slow on the site because life has been…full.  One of these days you’ll probably wake up to at least a half a dozen new posts here.  The problem is that much of what I’m writing mutates a bit as other voices are heard from and more prayer and reading is included in the mix!


~ by WriterRand on October 10, 2008.

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