Prayer List: 20 October 2008

It has been some ride these past few weeks.

In this journey towards holiness and away from the corrupted sinful self, I have seen the highs and the lows.  There is much to be said about this journey that is beautiful and holy, grace and mercy appearing in the least likely of places.  Appearing in such a way as to confirm, time and time again, that God IS God, that He’s on the clock, never sleeping, never caught unawares, mindful of even the smallest most insignificant details of our lives.

I have seen such wanton foolishness in the most unlikely of places, men picking up the burning embers time and time again then wondering why they get burned and why it hurts so much.  I have seen incredible war in a man, attending a group and being brutally honest with the men in that group while his life slides down further into sin and sorrowful consequences of his indulgences.  I have seen brave men stand by him while it costs them everything.  I have seen men I have otherwise admired and counted as friend, blinded by their own fear over homophobia, savage him brutally, publicly, trying to shame him further and corral him into their ignorant concept of heterosexuality equals holiness.  And my friend, my friend with the meek exterior and the rabid, angry puma interior holds fast to the fact that God is God, that God is victiorious, and that Job’s friends will always be that and it does not matter in the least because he is keenly aware that the battle is the journey and the journey is the most important part of this sanctification.  I love him more than words can say and I’m sending him a copy of this today to tell him that.  We don’t give up what we do because we embrace a lonely horrible life; we give up the things we sacrifice for the promise and hope set before us, that at a time and place of God’s choosing all the entries into the ledgers of our lives will be balanced and God’s glory, love and mercy will be the sum of that accounting.

More is coming.  I’ve not been ignoring this blog; on the contrary, there is so much input coming into my life that I’m having trouble sorting it all out let alone finding many conclusions about it.  There is much to pray about; God is answering some long-term financial prayers about the cat’s health and my health; there is a large amount I owe that needs to be addressed.  But even now, I can see hope and help and like a camel I can survive on the smallest drops of hope for a supernaturally long time.

I am growing.  I am about to embark on a project that will most likely be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done and with the horrors and hells I’ve been through, that’s saying something.  My aunt is recovering from difficult chemotherapy, fighting breast cancer with vicious, ragged determination and God’s comforting Hand.  My cat has a cold that’s put her into misery.  My writing has come to a point where it’s time to start getting readers lined up for their opinions and the inevitable attempts at sales to begin.

How about you?  This is the spot to list prayer requests, to pray for the people who open up here.  It’s sort of the prayer equivalent of that penny cup at the grocery store — need one, take one.  Got one, leave one.  All this stuff doesn’t have to be SSA-related and you certainly don’t have to be a regular here.  Just let us know and we’ll take those prayers up.


~ by WriterRand on October 21, 2008.

One Response to “Prayer List: 20 October 2008”

  1. Well, two things: One, the end of this semester and all of next semester, course-wise, are looking like the Ninth Circle of Hell. I am going to have a lot on my plate and honestly, I don’t handle stress too well.

    The best way I DO handle stress is when I have someone to come home to, to rest with and cuddle with, and to tell me everything is going to be alright. There’s a reason the best grades I ever got in college were last year, when I was going out with Hitch.

    I pray two things, in either/or fashion. I either learn to deal with stress without that kind of reassuring relationship, or I find that kind of relationship, but this time in a way that absolutely glorifies God and doesn’t pull me in different directions. It need not be a romantic relationship, but it needs to be close.

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