Off-Topic: Where I Live, Featured in the NYT

I love it here. Ballard is like nowhere else on earth.  Nice to see it so prominently featured in the New York Times this weekend.

The Farmer’s Market, to me, really does define the place.  We are outrageously independent here; of COURSE we’ll make it to the open market during monsoon season!  I mean, we might miss a sale on organic beets or something.  There’s a small ski shop that manages to not only stay in business, but thrive, mostly because we couldn’t imagine going to one of the chain sports stores.

There is a Starbucks and a Tully’s in Ballard, but that’s the law.  We put them right across from each other, though, to keep the coffeeshop population down.

We are full of old Swedes and Norwegians.  When I hear black people describe how going to Africa is like going home, that’s precisely how I felt about coming home to Ballard with my peeps.  Lutefisk, y’all?  (W00t!)


~ by WriterRand on November 1, 2008.

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