John Piper on 2008 Election, Even More Relevant This Morning

You should see my e-mail.  Usually I take a live-and-let-live attitude with a great deal of it; with some of you, it’s more live-and-let-loose.  Sheesh.  People are losing their minds and it’s a sight to see.  The other day, an even otherwise intellectual friend of mine called me a baby killer for voting for Obama.

I thought I would enjoy the tasty pile of schadenfreude this morning, but I now see it as another trap that puts politics over our faith.  We have to be careful how we approach our attitudes on this, the first day after the election.  We have a chance, all over again, to be poor ambassadors for Christ.  We have an abundance of opportunities to make unconditional love a neglected priority.  Doesn’t matter if you were Republican, Liberal, or even if you just stayed home.  I have a heavy heart this morning for the people who are feeling angry and betrayed by the passing of Proposition 8.  Instead of laying on the “I’m glad it passed what those people do is disgusting and unnatural and now can we work on shipping them overseas in the name of Jesus?” vibe, maybe, just maybe, we can concentrate on being a “touchable Jesus,” an ambassador of the One who loves every single gay man and woman and wants to see them in Heaven with Him?  We can look at this post-election furor as an opportunity, if we’re dedicated.

Enough rambling.  Here’s Piper:


~ by WriterRand on November 5, 2008.

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