*EXTREMELY* Urgent Prayer Request for Ryan

An upsetting update from Ryan’s family. Please pray for this long hurting young man. Much of this emotional struggle comes from SSA issues.

Ryan is in critical condition in the hospital in Vancouver, WA – Rob, Larissa & I are headed down there now…he has been sober since he relapsed the weekend of October 24-25, but he has been dealing with a lot of depression and feelings of being overwhelmed at the reality of the where his life is now, after two years on drugs…and apparently he made a suicide attempt last night.

The ER nurse did not sound hopeful (she said, “Well, he is only 19, he might pull through.”), but the last time Ryan tried to kill himself, he took WAY more than double a fatal dose of xanax and valium, on top of alcohol, to make sure he would die, and God did not allow him to die. So we know that Ryan will not die today unless God Himself decides to permit it, and that is a great comfort.

Please pray that God will use this situation to draw Ryan to Jesus Christ, to know that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life…and to know the love and the mercy that awaits him at the Cross, if only he will surrender to it.

I have to go…we don’t know what this means for our family…Rob and I are supposed to leave on Thursday for our 25th anniversary trip to Oxford, UK…to celebrate and to visit Lindsey. We still have so much to do before we can leave…so I don’t expect to have time to tend to e-mail…but we appreciate your prayers ENORMOUSLY. AND your love and friendship. We can’t tell you how much it means to us.

We don’t know what we’d do without a faithful God to hang on to…His faithfulness is all that is getting us through.


~ by WriterRand on November 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “*EXTREMELY* Urgent Prayer Request for Ryan”

  1. This young man will be in my prayers

  2. Thanks, Joe. You know, I’ve never even met this kid, but his story could have easily been mine. I really appreciate each and every prayer for him.

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