Followup from Ryan’s Folks

So you can pray for this young man. Note: some names have been changed who are not immediate members of the family:

I only have a few minutes…it has been extremely busy in here in Ryan’s ICU room. Rob and I are staying by Ryan’s side, as each time he starts to wake up he looks for us. He can’t hear us, for some reason, and he is having a very difficult time speaking…and is extremely confused…but knows we are here, and asks us not to leave him.

Most of his tox screens came back negative, so right now the doctors aren’t sure why he came into the hospital yesterday in such severe condition. We were told this morning that he was in renal failure when he arrived, but that they were able to keep him from having to go on dialysis with medical intervention. We are so thankful to God that Ryan was found before it is was too late…without the couple he is living with, Alan & Victoria, calling 911, he would not be here with us this morning.

The doctor removed his ventilator about two hours ago…and he is breathing on his own…Thank you, Lord! How long he will stay in ICU depends on his liver and kidney function…so we are just waiting to see.

Kris, who spent quite a long time unconscious herself, texted me this morning encouraging me to read Psalm 23 to Ryan (and to sing to him, which Rob has been doing), even if he wasn’t conscious. After I finished reading Psalm 23, Ryan opened his eyes and said…in his very groggy voice…”Did you hear the beautiful music? I couldn’t hear what you were reading but I could hear the music.” And he smiled.

As I recount this, tears of praise are flowing down my face…because lately Ryan has been telling us that he has been haunted by very dark dreams and has been hearing voices that won’t stop, etc. He has been plagued by severe depression in the past two weeks, since he made the very painful and difficult decision to break up with his boyfriend and move away to Vancouver, in order to seek sobriety.

· Please pray that Ryan will know the Lord’s abundant love, grace and mercy for him.

· Please pray that the doctors will discover what is really wrong, and that Ryan will get good continuing care…for his medical conditions, for his addictions and his struggle with depression.

· Please pray for Riley and Larissa, as we are gone from them again, suddenly, and they are both dealing with a lot of difficult emotions around all the negative ways that Ryan’s addictions have impacted them.

· Please pray for us as we try to make a wise decision regarding our 25th anniversary trip to Oxford, UK, to visit Lindsey…we are supposed to leave this Thursday, the 13th…and we’ve been planning and saving (thanks to anonymous donors and a VERY generous uncle) for more than a year for this trip. This trip is really important to both Lindsey and to us…for many reasons, but one is that Lindsey may end up doing her graduate studies at Oxford, and we’d really like to see the place/people that have so impacted her spiritually and academically this year.

Feel free to forward this to anyone and to share this with anyone who will pray for Ryan…our hope is built on “NOTHING less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness…” and after all these years, the ONLY thing we do know for sure is that God works through prayer, He is GOOD, and He is FAITHFUL.

We will never be able to repay you, our dearest friends and family, for your love and grace and prayers. We know we have missed your birthdays, we have not replied to your e-mails, we have not returned your calls…basically, we have been terrible friends/family over the past years as we’ve struggled just to keep our family going, and to keep our own eyes on Jesus. So we will be forever grateful for your grace.

With deep humility, and trusting in His grace & mercy alone,

Linda, for both Rob and I


~ by WriterRand on November 8, 2008.

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