Prayer Request: Yet ANOTHER Update on Ryan

Another update hits the mailbox tonight and in spirit of brotherhood, I post it begging for prayer for a young man I’ve never met.

Why do I do this? What does this have to do with your life? My life?

Because as hellish as your and my life can get sometimes in dealing with same sex attraction, there are other men who love Jesus, and love him sincerely, but are caught in a vicious hell that makes our bleating about being tempted by porn or the cute boy at the convenience store seemm trivial and meaningless.

I had a really good day today, the kind that God throws in every once in a while to share the burdens and keep you in the game. I thought long and hard about life, why it is so hard for some and seems so easy for others. I think God uses the evil that flows around us and in us for His glory by using it to shape us, to harden us like diamonds. I think there will be a point where Ryan will come through this, and later down the road in his life, something horrible will happen and he’ll look back to this time, smile, and say “Eh. Been through worse. God was there too.”

Hang in there, Ryan. God is right there and not going to leave you through this. We gotcher back in prayer.

To our most beloved friends…our family of prayer support and love…

As I type this I am sitting by Ryan’s bed, and a woman is putting EKG leads all over his head…the doctor wants to rule out the possibility of a seizure disorder, since the cause of Ryan’s seizures on Friday is still uncertain, and since Ryan’s tongue is so badly “chewed up”…sorry, can’t think of a better word right now. They are planning to do an MRI on his brain, as well. Rob and I drove home late last night so that Rob could be with Riley and Larissa, and my mom & dad were generous and kind and got up at 4 a.m. this morning to drive me back down here to Vancouver, WA, while I slept in the car, so that I could be here before the morning doctor rounds.

Here are our Sunday prayer requests…

As always, our first and foremost request is that God would use this situation to draw Ryan to Himself, and away from the trap and lies of the enemy.

Please pray that God will provide a doctor who will take Ryan’s hearing loss seriously, and will look into why he can no longer hear. The doctor we have this weekend is not taking this seriously…she says that Ryan can actually hear (because he could hear her snapping close to his ears), and did a cursory glance into his ears and pronounced that he is fine. She thought that he had always had hearing loss…that this was not a new, acute condition, and I have not been able to persuade her to get an ENT consult. Ryan tells me that his hearing is worse today, and that the buzzing in his ears is worse…and I haven’t been able to get anything more than a nasal spray. This issue is really causing me distress…Lord Jesus, help me to rest in You in this.

Please pray that as a result of this hospitalization God will lead us to a general practice doctor and a psychiatrist who would give Ryan the very best in medical, emotional and spiritual care.

Please continue to pray for Riley and Larissa, as this is the fourth major time that Riley & Riss have had to go through Ryan coming very close to death due to a drug-related incident (though this was, by far, the worst), and they just need to be “normal” teenagers…but traumatic events like this are extremely difficult on them, and have enormous impacts on our family. Riley and Larissa are both seeking the Lord…please pray that God will supply their needs, and strengthen their faith and security in Him through this, yet another, unexpected trial. They both love Ryan so much…and yet so need stability in their lives. Having their brother in ICU yet another time is not exactly what we had expected…and yet Rob and I know we can trust that Christ will AGAIN be our Redeemer and Healer.

Please pray for God’s direction – one of the staff members from Affinity (the Christian boarding school where Ryan lived for 18 months during high school), has called to offer to fly out to stay with Ryan from Tuesday until Friday or so…to help him while he recovers. Her name is Judy (she is about our age and single…used to be a cop…very tough and loves adventure…but loves Christ more than life itself) and Ryan was EXTREMELY close to her while he was in Montana. She adores Ryan…and they connected deeply because she was in a lesbian relationship for 15 years before coming to a close relationship with Jesus Christ. She will not come unless Ryan wants her to come…at first Ryan was VERY excited about her coming, and now he is hesitating. Please pray for God’s will to be done here…Judy would stay with the couple that Ryan is staying with…and they are willing, if Ryan want her to come. Rob and I have enough frequent flyer miles to get her here…all we’d need to do is to rent her a car. So please pray that if Judy coming would be a good thing for Ryan, that Ryan would be open and willing to have her come and help him this week, so that we can go ahead and leave for London to see Lindsey for our 25th anniversary as planned.

This one was long…sorry. The EKG is taking a long time, and Ryan is sleeping through it. We are SO grateful for your prayers. And thank you, in advance, for understanding why I can’t e-mail back…when Ryan is awake I am incredibly busy taking care of him and talking/answering his questions in writing. Boy, I wish we both knew sign language now…we sure do take our hearing for granted.

And to all those who have, and are continuing to, battle addictions each day as grateful believers in Jesus Christ, I am praying for you, and I give you my utmost encouragement and respect…I now know that addiction is so misunderstood by those who haven’t dealt with it, and I have been humbled to realize that those who have dealt one day a time with addictions – of any kind – come to learn endurance, perseverance, humility and God’s GRACE in this race that we run toward the Cross in a way that those of us who don’t will never understand.


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One Response to “Prayer Request: Yet ANOTHER Update on Ryan”

  1. Yes, I will be praying for Ryan and his family. He is definitely suffering more than I ever have. I can also understand his siblings’ reaction. I know a family plagued with suffering over addiction and mental health issues. Their healthy daughter asked, “why can’t my family just be normal?”

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