Friday’s Ryan Update

An update as Ryan’s folks are leaving town. The depression is hitting this kid with a vicious bite. To update new readers, Ryan is a young man who struggles with same-sex attractions and a mean drug habit. His latest bout has affected him strongly, leaving him with a possible disability and Hepatitis C. I have been following his story and praying for him so strongly because his story could very well have been mine. Or even yours. And as one of God’s children, he needs God’s love and saving mercy and grace as do the rest of us.

The email I’ve received on this guy has been so encouraging and I know you’re following the story. As always, if you’d like to send them any notes of encouragement, all you have to do is append it to any of the Ryan story posts and I’ll send them along to the family. I’ve been holding off on a full letter to Ryan because of the busy nature of my life lately, but I’ll be sending off your comments with the note this weekend.

To our beloved friends & family,

The past two days have been very difficult for Rob and I. I think we have shed more tears in the past two days than we have in the past two years combined.

Ryan is being kept at the hospital under at 24/7 suicide watch, as he is experiencing deep despair as a result of coming back to consciousness to find his hearing gone, that he is positive for Hepatitis C, and is dealing with severe pain as a result of biting his tongue badly during the seizures. To our dismay, even today his primary nurse believed that he had been born deaf…she had no idea that his severe depression is primarily due to that fact that he has lost his hearing. There has been no improvement in his hearing so far…and no examination or treatment, despite our requests. In addition, we discovered today that Ryan was still being given a medication that he was prescribed yesterday, but is one that he had a severe allergic reaction to when he was 16, so they were supposed to select a different medication. The nurse today didn’t know anything about the allergic reaction Ryan had, and told me that he was still taking the drug. He is off of it now, thank God. Because Ryan can’t hear, it20is MUCH more difficult for him to advocate for himself in situations like this. It is so painful not to be there to do it ourselves. So we are waiting, and praying. And trusting that God can redeem even this horrific situation in Ryan’s life.

Thanks to our dear friend and doctor, Scott Hormel, who made the suggestion that we ask the hospital if they have a teleprompter…(I am not exactly sure if that is what it is called)…a phone device for the hearing-impaired, the nurse is now looking for one for Ryan. He would then be able to “talk” to us by typing, which would be really good. We’re a bit stressed about which phone he can call us on while we’re gone, as we just got an unexpected enormous cell phone bill from Lindsey calling our cells from England, but there might be a hotel line he can call us on. We have a lot of details to trust the Lord for, in terms of communicating with the hospital and with Ryan while we’re in London…if we do actually go.

Ryan’s medical condition is now stable…he will have to have a repeat brain scan and see a doctor about the Hepatitis C, so mostly now the primary concerns are his hearing, and his extreme depression. We have pages and pages of notes we wrote to Ryan, while he talked back to us over the four days we were with him he has such self-loathing and no sense of purpose in his life…he so doesn’t believe that God loves him, or has grace for him. Our hearts just ache for Ryan, and it was extremely difficult to leave him alone at the hospital. But the social workers, his nurses, the psychiatrist, our family counselor, and most importantly, Ryan himself, have all strongly advised us to not to cancel our trip…so in spite of all the emotional, spiritual, practical and financial roadblocks, Rob especially is feeling that God is showing him that we need to go ahead and step out in faith and go. I haven’t even begun to pack yet, and our flight leaves tomorrow afternoon…and we are both so weary…and right now it is going to take GOD to help me lay Ryan at the foot of the Cross, back in God’s faithful arms, and to leave him there, so that I can enjoy myself on this trip. God has done it for me before…I know He can help me to do it again. Like King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles, I have to “set myself to seek the Lord”…and focus on God’s character, not the details of this circumstance. We have been in horrific circumstances before, and every time God has been incredibly faithful. And praise Him…He doesn’t change. I MUST keep my mind on the simple truth of God’s unchanging goodness, and all the evidence of His faithfulness to our family…rather than getting pulled down in the quicksand of this situation.

So, for the next ten days, we must trust the Lord to contend for Ryan while we are in London. In 2 Chronicles the Lord told King Jehoshaphat, “You will not need to fight in this battle. Position yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, who is with you, O Judah and Jerusalem!” Over the years we have seen God come through over and over again in the struggle for Ryan’s soul…and we are reminding ourselves that the God who wishes none to perish but all to come to repentance is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.

Hanging on to His grace, mercy and faithfulness,

Rob and Linda

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