Haggard Speaks! Parries! Dodges! Spins!

ABC News has an exclusive interview with Ted Haggard.

In it, he claims to have had a sexual experience with one of his father’s co-workers at the age of 7 and that this is the source of his acting out, the details of which he claims were greatly “exaggerated.”



Does meth, has sex with male prostitute.

Doesn’t seem like there’s a whole lotta hyperbole there.

But anyway, be sure and watch the video, too. I like what he says about this having been an opportunity to preach about God’s love and that we generally squander that opportunity. And I think he’s right: there’s always an oppotunity to show the world the very core truth of Christianity in that we are not able to be righteous and good on our own. That we need a Savior.


~ by WriterRand on November 17, 2008.

3 Responses to “Haggard Speaks! Parries! Dodges! Spins!”

  1. Tedd Haggard said that the details of his experience with the former prostitute were greatly exaggerated. He wasn’t saying that the details of being sexually abused at age 7 were exaggerated.

    He made something very clear….

    Is that the church sometimes, actually, a lot of the time is the place that for whatever reason tends to shout their own wounded. People in leadership become exhausted and no longer receive the support they would have had if they weren’t placed in leadership. Here’s a question, why do some church’s give less support to their Pastor’s? I think that’s the time they need more support because they are the ones who are at the forfronts recieving the blunt of the spiritual attacks coming against the people in their church’s.

    Why is it that in our times of weakness, brokenness some are left rejected, humiliated, receiving more hurt upon more hurt?

    Why in Tedd Haggards case did people treat Tedd Haggards wife and children as if they were the ones to make the choices that Tedd Haggard made.

    If anything, his wife choosing to stay with Tedd after finding out what he was struggling with was the time when the church should have commended her and affirmed her in a strength that is rarely desplayed among people within society let alone the church!

    People in the media making mistakes and getting lambasted all the time really does not show the love of Christ.

    I know of one example that I’ve been impressed with ever since I found out about it.

    John Paulk, the founder of Love Won Out was spotted in a gay bar just shortly after making an appearence in my city with Love Won Out. It was only a few years ago and John Paulk had been involved in ex-gay ministry for quite some time and was married with children.

    After being spotted he decided to be accountable to his boss…

    Dr. James Dobson from Focus On The Family.

    The GLBT Community watch Focus On The Family very closely to see how Dr. James Dobson and folks as Focus On The Family would treat him.

    John Paulk received an outpouring of grace and the GLBT Community was left speachless. What they saw is an organization that actually walked out the very gospel they preached!

    I would like to see this example in the church more often. Wouldn’t anybody?

    John Paulk didn’t fall necessarily into immoral sexual acts but there was a concern about him going into the bar.

    He said, “It freed him to admit that he still struggled” And the support he received from both his wife Anne and Dr. James Dobson created the opportunity for John Paulk to make his marriage stronger and deepen his faith in Jesus.

    Now that’s Church! Wouldn’t you say?

    I wonder what would have happened if the world saw a church coming around Tedd Haggard? And I wonder how differently things would have impacted his family? Thank God there were a few people who stood by him and to strengthen him in his time of weakness. There is obvious fruit being seen.

    And in like anything, when trust is broken it takes time and committment for that trust to be rebuilt.

    And here’s a question…

    Why is it that people are giving more respect to a man who’s just as responsible for the deed. It takes two to tango. I think it’s harder for people within the church to see the leaders they place on a pedistal fall into immoral behavior but it’s also in these times where we are reminded not to place our trust in the “arm of flesh” as Patricia King said in her response to the moral failure of Todd Bentley.

    Watch the video’s I posted on my blog I think it fits here.

    Both Patricia King and Bill Johnson. Not for their response of Todd Bentley but just their view on the church and how the church needs to opperate as a community.

  2. I love seeing bible-thumping wack-jobs (and, when you get down to it, haven’t they ALL been bible-thumping wack-jobs Swaggert, Baker, Falwell, Jim Jones, etc?!!) get caught in their two-faced, lying, hypocritical, depraved, deviant, hidden lifestyle. I’m still waiting for Joel Osteen to be outed. The real sad part is: all the lost souls that turn to these people for spiritual guidance – giving these bold-faced LIARS their trust and hopes (not to mention gobs of MONEY)- only to be made fools of when the truth comes out. There MUST BE a special place in Hell for these dirtbags.

    • Haywood, I would have taken your comment more seriously had I not seen it pasted…well…everywhere.

      Ted, like the rest of us, needs to be forgiven. The problem comes in the doing.

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