It’s a Good Thing Fox News Is “Fair and Balanced,” Otherwise…

…I’d begin to worry.

Given the country’s high temperature over Prop 8, crap like this ridiculous headline borders on craven cowardace and sensationalism. I long for the day insensitive, bigoted crap like this is socially unacceptable.

~ by WriterRand on November 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “It’s a Good Thing Fox News Is “Fair and Balanced,” Otherwise…”

  1. What’s your issue? Are we no longer allowed to mention when a criminal is a homosexual? That Loesch and Hanson were lesbian lovers has always been integral to their ongoing store, much as any set of lovers who engaged in such crimes would have their relationship as part of the story.

  2. Their gayness is irrelevant to the story, easily deduced by mentioning their gender. But “Dead Lesbian Fugitive” is insensitive, sensationalistic crap that belongs on some smutty softcore paperback. It has no place in journalism.

  3. Ahh…the neutral language thing. Gotcha! OK. I understand now, though expecting the media not to use sensational headlines is a bit overly optimistic.

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