Not All Christians Are Knee-Jerk Reactionaries. Imagine That.

God bless the Internet Monk.  May he live large and well upon the earth.  Amen.

If you didn’t vote for this year’s republican ticket and a Christian brother or sister found out about it, I’d be willing to bet that at some point you’ve encountered this whole ridiculous emotional, overwrought stampede of accusations like “How could you help kill babies?” to “I suppose you’re fine with letting homosexuals marry and destroy marriage in this country once and for all!” to “If you’re not with us, then you’re against us” screeds of varying intensity.

Man, I’ve received enough of the sanctimonious, self-righteous, knee-jerk reactionary horsepucky to last me the rest of my life and prayerfully not one nanosecond beyond.  Probably a bunch of you have as well.  The problem in this elevation of differences in the culture wars to incendiary levels is that it is at this level that the next conflagurations tend to start.  One outrage does not replace another; it is compounded, with interest.  Done with the Obama business?  Let’s move on and beat those gays back down, because our cause is righteous and just and this is the epic battle of light against darkness?

(Where oh where did I put that video advertising the big prayer beatdown against Prop 8?  It sounded like it was narrated by one of those ultimate fighting guys…)

I digress.  About the compounded beatdown: nothing but nothing serves to re-enforce this idiotic stereotype that all gays are (fill in the blank), that all ex-gays are (fill in the blank) and all Christians are really REALLY (fill in scurrilous blank). We elevate the culture wars from a tit-for-tat exchange on political punditry shows (now passing themselves off as news) to full-blown beatdowns of hundreds of surly gays beating up on some poor old woman who shows up at one of these encounters bearing nothing but a cross, thinking that she’s out there on the battlefield for Jesus. (Jesus probably wishing the woman had come to Him for guidance; even Jesus appreciated battlefield strategy, for crying out loud.) From here, where does the battle go? Will we go from intense confrontations with little slivers of physical anger to even larger insanities?

With each and every battle, the lines are sharper, the generalities broader, and the invectives richer. We treat people less and less like people and more like the personal embodiment of all of our fears and prejudices.

Thankfully not all Christians subscribe to this crap.

So by way of this poorly written preamble, I bring you an article from the Internet Monk that I ask you to read for your encouragement and edification.  He says this so much better and with such verve, I could not summarize it and do it justice.  I tease you with:

Patrol editor David Sessions brings to our attention a recent letter from the “Family Research Council,” the political arm of what was once a Christian ministry giving advice to parents and families, It was called Focus on the Family. Maybe you remember it. They used to do some good work until fear of homosexuals drove them over the cliff with most of their constituency in the car.

This letter is an example of propaganda and terror tactics, plain and simple. Yes, evangelicals, despite our constant self-hypnosis that we are really good, moral people with the best of intentions, we can be low-down as any other politically greedy lobby.

The FRC wants to scare its constituency into unquestioning support of its political agenda. If you think they are “informing” people or sharing “research,” you must have been recently abducted by a UFO. The nightmare scenario described in FRC’s recent letter rivals anything that you’ll find in the museum of propaganda, and it reveals something that a lot of us are feeling, but have been reluctant to admit.

I’m tired of being manipulated by these bottom feeders. I’m tired of my values and loyalties as a Christian being used against me by arm-twisting political goon squads like the FRC. I’m tired of my opposition to abortion and gay marriage being used as a way to sign me up for something that’s a universe away from what I believe the Bible calls Christians to be or to do. I’m tired of organizations like FRC treating the church as a cow to be milked, then put out to pasture.

FRC’s scary scenario is meant to move an already uncertain constituency of politically conservative evangelicals into full “persecution” mode, with the eager expectation that everyone who isn’t in the bunker with us is our sworn enemy, out to destroy our families and freedoms. It’s “imagine how bad it could be if you don’t support us.” If this isn’t the last refuge of a scoundrel, I don’t know what is.

So what are you waiting for? Go here. Read. Enjoy. Then pass the word along: it’s possible to disagree without arming up for war.


~ by WriterRand on November 25, 2008.

One Response to “Not All Christians Are Knee-Jerk Reactionaries. Imagine That.”

  1. Hi, I am a supporter of FRC and have received all their newsletters both in the mail and online. So tell me what specifically you have read and deemed “hateful” by FRC? And remember I can go back and check.

    There are certain things like abortion, that if you are not pro-life you are against God period. There is no in between, no shades of grey. There are some things we can agree to disagree on, but killing life is not one of them. I revile all pro-choice people because in the end they are willing to sacrifice an innocent life for the sake of their convenience and there is nothing more inhumane and barbaric than that. I don’t care if that seems reactionary. Killing a child because you are not “ready” for it is also pretty reactionary.

    As far as homosexuality, it is a sin. So is adultery, so is fornication, so is incest and alot of other things. However, the gay community doesn’t want their behavior to be considered a sin at all. You don’t hear straight people saying cheating is acceptable, oh the one doing the cheating may try to justify their behavior but that doesn’t mean we buy it. But all homosexual relationships are sacrosanct and can never be viewed in any light but healthy and good. If there is a backlash from the Christian community it is because we see our children being taught this in schools against our wishes and then we are forced to deal with the consequences of it when our kid tells us he is gay and has HIV. If there is such an intense feeling of animosity it is because the gay militants are getting more and more out of hand and doing what they can to bring down the Church, while we try to be Christlike and turn the other cheek. If there is seething rage, it is because we are tired of being told we are bigots for believing God.

    I don’t hate homosexuals but I am tired of being told because I have strong beliefs because I don’t wallow in the middle, because I try to force people to pick a side and get some convictions while they are at it that I am a hate monger. You know what I do hate a lot of things and there is nothing wrong with that. I hate how my church, my prophet and even a personal friend of mine have been targeted by the gay community this last month. I hate how gay men suffer from more disease than straight men but instead of condemning homosexuality they let them die! I hate the whole gay agenda of this nation and think it has taken us into the gutter and turned us into sex-crazed animals. Homosexuality is nothing more than consensual violence and should not be glorified. Only marriage between a man and woman should be glorified. [So that means if you are straight and shacking up with someone you are also in the wrong!] Being nice hasn’t gotten us anywhere except further from God. It is time the gloves come off and that we come out swinging. That is the only way we will save this country.

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