Prayer Request: Ryan and Thanksgiving

The latest update in Ryan’s story; your prayers are appreciated for what is going to be difficult news for certain:

To our most dedicated prayer warriors,

Rob and I just arrived home from London, and were able to talk with Ryan for the first time last night. As a result, we have an urgent prayer request. He has been discharged from the hospital, and is back staying with his friend Alan (who he met at the rehab program he went to) and Alan’s girlfriend, Vyctoria, and their daughter. He has regained some hearing, praise God, but still has significant loss. Over the phone, it was difficult to get a feeling for what is really going on…Vyctoria says he is too sick to work, but I couldn’t really figure out what that meant.

He asked us last night if he could come home for Thanksgiving, to join our family celebration. If it was just up to Rob and I, we would, of course, say yes. But Riley and Larissa have not yet seen him or had any chance to reconcile with him as we have had since Ryan was missing and broke into our home, left blood in Larissa’s room, stole their things, sent threats, etc. Also, the recent crisis of Ryan’s two times in the ICU have really left Larissa really shaken…both Riley and Larissa long for the stability of a “normal” family. While we were in London they stayed with the Hormel family, and Larissa sobbed when we returned, because she didn’t want to have to go back to the instability that is our family…and it broke our hearts…but we know that, in God’s sovereignty, He has allowed this to be.

Anyway, our family counselor, and the counselors at Ryan’s inpatient facility, all agreed that Riley and Larissa should not be made to see Ryan until they are ready…and so our answer to Ryan today has to be no, he cannot join us for Thanksgiving. But that is breaking our hearts at the same time. Rob hardly slept last night, and we both feel sick about this. We are both so aware of Ryan’s current struggle with depression and loneliness, and it is so hard to give him this news. And it doesn’t look like it will change before Christmas, either….so we really cannot hold out that promise. We are going to try to drive down and visit him this weekend, as long as we can find somewhere for Larissa to stay, or somewhere for her to study while we spend time with him if she rides along with us…but we know that our visit won’t take the sting out of hearing that he can’t come join us for our Thanksgiving meal.

Will you pray that somehow, when I give Ryan our answer today, that he will understand…that I will be able to communicate with grace…and that it will somehow be okay? That God will somehow redeem this difficult situat ion?

As well, we came home to find that our insurance is protesting paying for all of Ryan’s inpatient and hospitalizations so far…which is just overwhelming…one more task on my plate that I am going to need to tackle, and to trust the Lord to take care of, rather than allowing it to cause me to be anxious.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for our time in Oxford…we did have a WONDERFUL anniversary celebration….we saw and experienced AMAZING things…went to lectures with Lindsey, worshipped at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, heard Ravi Zacharias speak to Oxford students at Wycliffe Hall (where Lindsey is studying), saw La Bohème with Lindsey and her friends our first night there, celebrated Lindsey’s 22nd birthday by joining in at a poetry reading in her room with many of her closest friends, then by sharing a meal at one of the oldest pubs in Oxford (there since the early 1300’s), and walked the enchanted alleys, streets, and castles of Oxford in ten days more than we have walked in two years! If you want to get exercise, study at Oxford! So thank you for your prayers…we really did have an incredible time.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers…and for continuing to walk alongside us in this incredibly long journey .


~ by WriterRand on November 26, 2008.

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