Haggard Comforted By… (UPDATED)

…someone you’d never suspect.  I like this story…it makes me more confident that my job is not to vote my politics, but to vote Jesus.  Glad to see that Ted Haggard is now beginning to see the world much more differently.  A tease:

And we knew that if something happened, if that that support didn’t come [from New Life]—because I was an incredible failure at trying to find a job that would work—we knew we would have to depend on programs that Democrats had put in place.

So, our political position shifted a little bit. Our view of what it’s like sitting in an emergency room and not knowing if your insurance card is going to work—I understand that emotion now. I know what it feels like to walk somewhere instead of driving somewhere to save gas. And so, I’m different. And I am optimistic about the new administration. This whole thing had changed me. I never dreamed I would be left out this quickly.

I pray we, as a people, begin to change our entrenched ideologies like this; less rigid politics, more Jesus.  I pray this year will mark significant changes like these between gays and ex-gays.

UPDATED:  Dan Gilroy prints a correction to the story.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office has issued a statement denying Ted Haggard’s claim that she sent him messages of support and comfort after he was enveloped in a sex-and-drugs scandal. Here’s the statement from Pelosi press secretary Drew Hammill:

“The Speaker and Ted Haggard never met and they never spoke.  The Speaker has never talked to her daughter, Alexandra, about Mr. Haggard.  This account is simply not true. 

“Many Americans have been inspired by Speaker Pelosi’s story as the historic first woman Speaker of the House.” 

Alexandra Pelosi followed up on the Speaker’s denial with a phone call in which she said that Haggard had misconstrued their conversations about her mother. But she declined to say that Haggard is lying:

I can’t speak for Ted. My mother never told me to tell Ted anything. I think that Ted is implying that he got inspiration from conversations we had. I’m not saying he’s flat-out lying… I never delivered any messages.

Perhaps I said that my mother said, “God is bigger than this” because it’s something she often says. In other words, she’s saying “Don’t worry about it.” That’s why I’m not going to say that Ted’s delusional, because it’s a line she uses. But I never delivered any messages from the Speaker to Ted and my mother never intentionally delivered messages to Ted Haggard. Perhaps he was inspired by things she said. Lots of people are…I quote my mother and perhaps he was inspired by the quotes.

Old habits die very hard, I guess.


~ by WriterRand on January 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “Haggard Comforted By… (UPDATED)”

  1. Yes, losing a high paying job really has helped me and others be more compassionate. We may see a lot more compassionate people in the next few months.

  2. It is really sad to me that a man who had so much influence and affluence is just now considering what other people different from him might be experiencing. I wish I could say I was happy for him. Late revelation is better than none, right? But he just makes me sad.

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