Mike Jones on Ted’s Latest Revelations

Did I foolishly state that I thought somewhere, somehow, some good might come out of this?  Man, maybe.  Maybe God will run this evil through his hands and out of it will come something wonderful.  But in this testmony from Mike Jones, consider the way the church has treated him, how this example goes out to the GLBT community at large, and tell me how any of this will bring anyone closer to knowing Jesus.  Man, it burns me.  I guess that’s the thing about forgiveness — most often, you have to keep learning how to forgive more.  At one point, New Life Church welcomed him with open arms and made him feel warm and welcomed.  But now?


~ by WriterRand on January 26, 2009.

One Response to “Mike Jones on Ted’s Latest Revelations”

  1. Not quite sure what Ted Haggard saw in this man at all.
    What is confusing as well is:
    1. What was this man’s relationship with the church?
    2. Why would the gay community ostracize him? You’d think he would be a hero.Something is strange there.
    3. Who was calling him a “whore”? Church members? (And by the way, are escorts known for selling out their “customers”?)
    4. How did the church ruin his life? The church never forced him to come forward with this.
    He mad his bed and now he has to lie in it. What the church does with the other victims is none of his business, especially if–as he said–he did it for reasons of “integrity”.
    5. We keep hearing he was an escort. Was he being paid? Or were they having an affair?

    I am confused as ever. What does he want?

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