A Prayer For The Day to Day Believers

Father God.  My heart is broken for these men.

I didn’t know how many there were.  I am grateful you do.  I am grateful that you see so many of these guys who struggle with their SSA and their faith in you on a daily basis.  They’re tired.  They’re broken.  They’re burdened by the weight of their sins and don’t know if they even believe in you anymore.  But day by day they continue forward, not backward,  They hold onto sexual sobriety because they know the cost and consequence of following their flesh.  Each and every one of them, Father, wants to be a great warrior in this battle, to see the precious sight of power and victory, but they feel so weak and so tired.  So many of these guys are caught without any sort of support from family, friends or church; so many of them have situations around them where exposure of their private battle means an even deeper, more painful level of sacrifice.  So many of them long for YOU, for a level of emotional and spiritual intimacy — to know and be known — yet that desire gets caught, bent and perverted into a longing, sexual ache that they can’t make go away.  They feel like they’re bleeding to death and people stand on the sideline saying they’re ready to help them, but secretly holding knives ready to finish them off.

Father, I’ve felt like that.  Holding tight.  Having no one.  No support.  Danger and wounding everywhere.  That these men are crawling on their hands and knees, refusing to give up, refusing to believe that you’ve abandoned them: it is breathtaking in its awesomeness.  Father, you’ve given them such a mean, vicious warrior spirit that they refuse to give up even though everything inside of them tells them to just give it up and go get laid already.  These men hold on, seeing no hope, feeling like such failures, yet keep on by the promises in your Word and by a knowledge that soon, if not now, but soon you will let them see that you have covered them with your GLORY: that you have made them glorious by their battles, that they are fighting for something so much larger than themselves they can’t comprehend it.  Continue to be with them.  Strengthen them.  Help them to fight, to hold onto the truth that they know.  Give them substantial peace in the grace and strength that you’ve given them to survive.  Surround them with men and women who have been through this battle, the story of their lives written in the scars on their souls.  Help them to compare their stories and see you there, standing over it all, bringing it to good.

Most of all, Father, these men and women long for love: bountiful, unconditional, passionate and true.  There are so freaking many substitutes for it in this perverted world we travel.  It looks like it should fill the need, but it is tasteless and bland and poison to our very souls.  Hold them steadfast and fill them with your love and your unending passion.  Help them to see themselves the equivalent of a special forces team, uniquely qualified to fill the needs in the churches and community around them.  They’ve felt the pain of loneliness and rejection; help them see it, recognize it, and fill it in the people around them. 

Father, I lay all this down at your feet.  Help me to continue to show these men and women the truth, that in the heat of this battle where it feels like they should just roll over and give up, they are the closest to glory, the closest to total defeat of the enemy.

In your name, I humbly pray.  Amen.


~ by WriterRand on January 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Prayer For The Day to Day Believers”

  1. powerfull and inspirational post

  2. I don’t think I have ever read a more “on the money” prayer before. You spoke my own heart with this petition and gave me inspiration today. Thank you.

  3. I agree….this is on the money. Good job

  4. a beautiful prayer

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