Update on Ryan: Urgent Prayers are Needed

Got this in my mailbox this morning and felt the wind get knocked out of me.  My heart is very heavy for this kid this morning.  Please pray for him, his parents, and his siblings.  Thanks, guys.

Ryan is gone. Please pray. I will try to send out a prayer e-mail soon, with the details. He is suicidal, and using drugs and alcohol, as he tries to get across the county on a bus. It is breaking our hearts…we just keep praying. He is so full of self-loathing. We have talked to him three times…he just cries, and apologizes.

We are weary and drained, and have nothing left to give…all of our energy is going into trusting…and Riley and Larissa. So please know that we love you, and we will get you more details as soon as we can. We appreciate your prayers so very, very much.

Hanging on to Jesus with all of our strength,


~ by WriterRand on February 22, 2009.

One Response to “Update on Ryan: Urgent Prayers are Needed”

  1. He and his family have my prayers, for sure.

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