The Golden Rule Pledge 2009 – How You Can Help (Especially if You are in or Know Someone in Snohomish County)

It’s that time again.  I thought about creating a very early post in January, put it aside, and now the yearly event is almost upon us.  Because it’s so concise and I hate repeating work, here’s Warren Throckmorton’s post on the Golden Rule Pledge:

Soon (April 17), the Day of Silence will be observed around the country and some conservative groups are not happy about it. A coalition featuring the American Family Association and the Concerned Women for America is suggesting students walkout of school to protest the disruption of silence by same-sex attracted students. Not a hint irony there, I tell you.

Again this year, I suggest an alternative to a walkout. Go on over to the Golden Rule Pledge and check out the plan there.

If you are on Facebook, you can join the initiative there as well. I will have more through the next several days, but I wanted to get the word out here today

In case you’re not aware of the local implications of this, a local pastor by the name of Ken Hutcherson created quite the stir last year by showing up to the protest and protesting the protest.  (See here for last year’s write-up.)  The Golden Rule pledge simply allows Christian kids the space to proclaim Jesus, to ask that everyone treat one another in the way they themselves wish to be treated.  Period.  It affects no one’s rights to protest, it takes no political stand; it merely proclaims the love of God first and foremost over all.  It gives the Christian kids in school the space to let these same-sex attracted kids know that God cares about their health and their safety and that He loves them.

I encourage you strongly to follow up on this, especially if you’re anywhere near the Mt. Si area or have children in that school.  Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it out there this year as I’d planned, but if anyone else does plan on this, please let me know.  I have a digital video camera I can loan you and if you’d take video of this event, I’d appreciate it.

Whatever happens, please mark April 17th on your calendar and pray the for the kids on both sides of this issue; that above anything else, the love and mercy of Jesus be shown in spectacular ways and that these kids would see Jesus as an avenue of answers and help they might not have considered before.

 If there’s anything I can do to help your involvement in this, just let me know!


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One Response to “The Golden Rule Pledge 2009 – How You Can Help (Especially if You are in or Know Someone in Snohomish County)”

  1. Hope this works well this year. And I hope Hutcherson takes a bit of his own advice and just stays home.

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