The Day of Silence 2009: A Call for Prayer and a Place to Share Your Stories

Today’s the day, boys and girls.  In so many high schools, there will be protests and counterprotests that will probably end up turning GLBT students away from the idea that God is a trustworthy friend to go to when you are struggling with your sexual orientation.  Pray that today we can build more bridges than the ones we knock down in our pride and arrogance.

Did you encounter this day in your school?  Know someone who did?  Please feel free to share your story here in the comments.

Thanks, guys.


~ by WriterRand on April 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Day of Silence 2009: A Call for Prayer and a Place to Share Your Stories”

  1. This comment isn’t about this story. I just stumbled across your site while searching for a picture of Fred Phelps to see what he looked like. Your site seems so sad.

    Between happiness and a lifetime of struggle, I think I’d go with happiness. I think that’s what God would want… for me to be happy, not sacrificing my happiness for His benefit. God is not that selfish.

  2. Happiness. Interesting.

    In one of the videos I saw recently, the author was telling a story about his daughter and the family’s trip to the ocean. They found a great little hotel just a hop skip and a jump away from the beach. Well, the hotel had a pool and when the daughter saw that, that’s all she wanted to do. As far as she was concerned, she was happy. But the family was there to see the ocean, so the dad took her kicking and screaming out of the pool and they all walked down to the beach to see the ocean. The daughter, once she saw the ocean, never went back to the pool. The family had a great time on the beach.

    As far as being gay and being happy, well, I’ve *been* in the pool, Dusty.

    I wanna see the ocean.

  3. Strange. I’m gay AND seen the ocean. They aren’t incompatible.

  4. LOL! Thanks, Lee. I’m not surprised I can’t get away with a witty metaphor and not explain myself.

    Okay. Bigger post forthcoming. Thanks, bud. Keep smacking me around when I get lazy like this.

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