Focus on the Family Giving Up It’s Ex-Gay Workshops

Yup, “Love Won Out” is no more, to be given over to Exodus International.

Apparently all that money aimed at getting McCain elected over Obama cost them dearly and with diminishing contributions, something had to give.

Here’s the article:  Thoughts?  Feelings?


~ by WriterRand on August 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Focus on the Family Giving Up It’s Ex-Gay Workshops”

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. This is why I have a problem with a lot of Christian Organizations(radio mostly). Yes I know they are a business and yes they have to make money to stay open, but it seems to me in this case they are more interested in making money than helping people. Although they did not mention the specific “budget problems”, I would agree you probably are right about the political reason.


  2. I’ve doubt that Love Won Out was ever a genuine or sincere effort to reach out to LGBTs. The events were usually held in conservative, suburban megachurches and mainly attended by straight social conservatives. Not likely places for interested LGBTs show-up.

    While I don’t think LWO were significant fundraisers for Dobson & Co., they were used for publicity and to show a ‘compassionate conservative’ way of opposing gay rights. It seemed the LWO roadshow only came to Portland when social conservatives were trying to rally the troops to support anti-gay ballot measures.

    It is interesting that Focus says they will still provide “marketing support” for LWO. It affirms my suspicious that Focus really just wants to excuse to run the “I Questioned Homosexuality” and “Change Is Possible” billboards without having to go through the costs of organizing a conference.

  3. Thoughts? Hopefully the entire Focus organization will fold shortly behind.

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