Prayer Requests from Ryan’s Family

I got a note with this saying that requests 1 and 2 have already been answered.  But these prayer requests for the Robertson family are the aftermath of Ryan’s passing and where the family stands now with so much going on.  I know there’s a bunch of you that have been praying for Ryan and his family and I forward these prayer requests on.

Ryan is finally out of pain and his faith has been made sight.  There are days I truly envy that kid.

I am going to try to make this short, because my “To Do” list today is way longer than I can handle. But Rob and I have some prayer requests that we’d like to ask you to lift up before our God on our behalf, if you think of us. They are NOT in any order of importance…I am just going to bang them out as they come to mind.

1. Somehow, the things that were in Ryan’s bedside table did not make it home to our house…or at least, we cannot find them. There were a lot of family and dear friends helping us load up his room after he died, and in his bedside table were his hearing aids, and a soft CD case full of CD’s that were Ryan and my favorite CD’s…all the music we both loved together…about 15 CD’s…and we’re not sure what else is missing. We are both feeling stressed about this, because both of these items hold a great deal of sentimental value to us…and we’d really like to find them.

2. Lindsey lost her Bible…her best Bible…the black leather one that she used all through Torrey Honors Institute, on the night of Ryan’s memorial service, and though we’ve checked the church many times since, we haven’t found it. It has ALL her notes from 4 years of college in it…again, this is something that we’d really, really like to find.

3. Please pray for wisdom for me…Rob and I are truly both feeling like the shock of Ryan’s death is just now wearing off, and the grief is only starting to set in. I am supposed to start back to work on September 1, but I cannot begin to imagine that. We will have only been home a week since returning from Biola. But we don’t know how Lake Washington School District would view another delay, and we have no idea how we are going to pay August’s bills, much less September’s, without my income. Please pray that God will make me ready to go back to work, if that is what I need to do, or that He will provide another way.

4. Please pray for Riley…he is excited about Biola, but is NOT excited about leaving our family right now, while he is grieving so much. The timing is very, very hard. Please pray that God will provide the right mentors, and some deep, Christ-centered friendships with guys who can meet him where he is at…and, most of all, that he will continue to be drawn near to Christ as he transitions to life at Biola.

5. The girls are also really grieving. Please pray for both Lindsey and Larissa…they are both deeply hurting, but like Riley, are turning to God in their pain. Larissa has a counselor here, but we need to find grief counselors for both Lindsey and Riley in California…so that is a need, as well.

6. Please pray for Ryan’s friends who have no hope in God, and who are grieving without ANY peace that they will see Ryan again. Pray especially for his roommate Ron, his ex-boyfriend Devin, and all his friends from his “using” years who are really struggling with Ryan’s death.

7. Rob and I are going to try to be very intentional about taking a walk, or going for a bike ride together every day, to make sure that we have time to talk during this intense time. Please pray that we will make this a priority…and that God will bless our time.

8. We have so many decisions left to make and things to do in regard to Ryan…and they weigh heavily on me, in particular. We haven’t selected his plot, thought about the headstone, looked at the guestbook, gone through his things, received the death certificate, written letters to the doctors and nurses who meant so much to us, etc, etc, etc. There are so many things that are emotional and will take God’s grace to get through. We also have a lot of journaling we want to do. And I am trying to let go and not stress about the hundreds of unanswered e-mails and FaceBook messages sitting on my laptop.

9. Please pray that God will strengthen and comfort us as we go to Biola as a family of five, instead of as a family of six. This is going to be painful…especially since the last two times we were there, Ryan was with us. We will miss him so very, very much. But we know Jesus will be with us in the middle of the missing.

10. Please pray that we will continue to put Christ first, above all else, no matter what comes. And that we will stay unified as a family…and that our first priority will be to remember that this is GOD’S STORY…and He has a plan to glorify Himself…and to make us more like Him…and we have to just trust and obey, one day at a time, like we have been doing for years.


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8 Responses to “Prayer Requests from Ryan’s Family”

  1. I found Ryan’s tribute page on Facebook. I never met him, and I only started keeping track of his struggle towards the end. Still, as I went through the pictures, it made me weep, and I pray that his family finds peace, solace, and Christ through all of this.

    • It’s been quite the ordeal. The numbers have been through the roof. It’s ordinary to get days where there are 300-400 distinct hits for people looking for Ryan David Robertson. He was quite the guy and there but for the grace of God, his experiences could have been ours.

  2. We are Rob and Linda, Ryan’s parents, and we had no idea that Ryan’s story had made its way to this site, or that there were people out there praying for us.

    Today is the 9 month anniversary of Ryan’s death, and finding this is just one more proof of God’s faithfulness…In this dark valley, our family has claimed the promise of Lamentations 3:21-23, and finding this blog has been a great reminder of God’s compassion and love.

    If anyone would like to read more about Ryan’s journey, or how God is working in the intense pain of losing him, feel free to read the Notes section of Linda’s FaceBook…or to contact us through FaceBook. We are so thankful that God brought Ryan back home to us (he was missing for almost 18 months), and gave us ten months with him in which to LOVE him. We were so blessed by those ten months…and are SO thankful that God told us SO CLEARLY to love Ryan AND his boyfriend, and leave the rest up to Him. Without God’s guidance, we would have missed those months with our boy…we had no idea that he would gone so soon.

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to any and all of you who have prayed for us. We covet your continued prayers, as we continue to reconcile ourselves with Ryan’s death, and absence from us here on earth.

    Grieving deeply, but with certain hope because of His great faithfulness,

    Rob and Linda Robertson
    Redmond, WA

    • Dear Rob and Linda:

      It has been our honor to keep your family in prayer. It is not often that we find a family so deeply rooted in love and deeply rooted in the Word and Love of Jesus. Most of us who have dealt with same sex attractions have either had to suffer the abuse and hatred from our families or to do it alone. To find such a shining example has been an encouragement to many people who have come here, both those who have written me and those who have left comments here. We praise God for you, for your shining example borne from the painful months with Ryan and the struggles you’ve endured. We have rejoiced over seeing God’s work in your lives. We love you, we will continue to keep the readership here updated, and if there is any time you need a forum to speak to those dealing with same sex attractions, you are more than welcome to express yourself here.

      In continued prayer and brotherly love,

  3. To: Ryan’s Family,his two sisters and younger brother

    Every so often I’ll revisit these sites regarding Ryan. This time however, I read a comment in Ryan : The Final Chapter. It was written April 24th 2011 at 7:17pm. I do not remember writing this comment.
    and to the blogmaster… Thank you for your offer but im good.

  4. I have read your story. I am sorry to hear of your loss. I needed to let you know I just prayed for you and yours.

  5. To: Ryan’s Family

    The Robertson Family story you shared at the recent Exodus conference was played at my church last night in Long Beach, CA. I was so deeply touched by your loss and great love for Ryan. I was in tears as the story of Ryan’s struggles and his far too soon demise from this life unfolded. I didn’t see it coming. May you be strengthened and blessed as you share the pain and the great pride you express of Ryan, and how no matter what you would have continued to love and count him a treasure as your dear beloved son.

    I followed up searching for more information on the Internet today about Ryan and the Robertson family and ran across this site. I have shed many more tears of compassion as I have read your notes here.

    I trust that God continues to comfort your hearts and keeps Ryan near and dear to you.

  6. To Linda, Rob and Family;

    Today I learned of Ryan. I am so saddened by the outcome of his life story. I watched the video you (Linda/Rob) did in CA, on June 20, 2013. I was in tears. Thank you for speaking Ryan’s story and sharing his life with us. I wish I could have met Ryan. I pray for the Robertson family and I can only say that I know our God is a loving and forgiving God, and that he fully loves and accepts Ryan. Jesus is holding Ryan now, and one day we will be there with him. God doesn’t make mistakes, and Ryan was exactly who God wanted him to be! God Bless you and may Ryan Rest in Heavenly Peace! Thank you SO much for sharing Ryan’s story! He would be so happy!!

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