Transgender Issues

I’ve got a friend who’s requesting information for a family they know who are undergoing tremendous stress through transgender issues which have arisen.  Does anyone know of any additional programs, websites, reading material, etc.?  If it deals with the issue in a healthy manner, I’d love to pass it onto this family.  Strong emotions and the husband is dealing with some severe depression, so time is an issue.

Thanks, guys.  It’s frustrating in that this underlines my need to do more reading, praying, meditating on transgender issues.  My reference drawer feels fairly shallow at this point.


~ by WriterRand on August 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Transgender Issues”

  1. I can’t say I know of any particular resources. I recently saw the HBO documentary “Middle Sexes” which is an analysis of transgendered issues on a global scale. Obviously, the film doesn’t take a Biblical approach, but it does offer insight into some of the things that transgendered people go through on a regular basis around the world.

    I also know that Dr. Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary recently did a series on how he, as a pastor, would deal with the issue of a transgendered person seeking Christ.

  2. The most useful resource I can think of is WPATH ( )

    If we are talking about someone who is in crisis because of gender issues, they should be working with a therapist experienced in treatment of transgender issues.

    Not all transgender people need to transition, and an experienced therapist will help the person sort through their feelings and find the best path forward.

    Few people have either the experience or training to guide someone who is transsexual, and the real work begins once the individual starts to take ownership of their feelings.

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