A Note from Ryan’s Parents

This is a comment that was left on the last post about Ryan, his life, family, and passing:

We are Rob and Linda, Ryan’s parents, and we had no idea that Ryan’s story had made its way to this site, or that there were people out there praying for us.

Today is the 9 month anniversary of Ryan’s death, and finding this is just one more proof of God’s faithfulness…In this dark valley, our family has claimed the promise of Lamentations 3:21-23, and finding this blog has been a great reminder of God’s compassion and love.

If anyone would like to read more about Ryan’s journey, or how God is working in the intense pain of losing him, feel free to read the Notes section of Linda’s FaceBook…or to contact us through FaceBook. We are so thankful that God brought Ryan back home to us (he was missing for almost 18 months), and gave us ten months with him in which to LOVE him. We were so blessed by those ten months…and are SO thankful that God told us SO CLEARLY to love Ryan AND his boyfriend, and leave the rest up to Him. Without God’s guidance, we would have missed those months with our boy…we had no idea that he would gone so soon.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to any and all of you who have prayed for us. We covet your continued prayers, as we continue to reconcile ourselves with Ryan’s death, and absence from us here on earth.

Grieving deeply, but with certain hope because of His great faithfulness,

Rob and Linda Robertson
Redmond, WA

Dear Rob and Linda:

It has been our honor to keep your family in prayer.  It is not often that we find a family so deeply rooted in love and deeply rooted in the Word and Love of Jesus.  Most of us who have dealt with same sex attractions have either had to suffer the abuse and hatred from our families or to do it alone.  To find such a shining example has been an encouragement to many people who have come here, both those who have written me and those who have left comments here.  We praise God for you, for your shining example borne from the painful months with Ryan and the struggles you’ve endured.  We have rejoiced over seeing God’s work in your lives.  We love you, we will continue to keep the readership here updated, and if there is any time you need a forum to speak to those dealing with same sex attractions, you are more than welcome to express yourself here.

In continued prayer and brotherly love,

~ by WriterRand on April 16, 2010.

6 Responses to “A Note from Ryan’s Parents”

  1. Hi, i was looking up Linda on FB but couldn’t find her, i,too, m a mother with a son who struggles with SSA, would love to talk with her, i live only maybe 50 miles from her. thank you.
    A Broken Hearted Mom

  2. I found her here:

    anothersbrokenheart, you’re always welcome here. If you have questions, or need to talk, please feel free.


  3. oh, i found her!

  4. oh thank you! if you have read my blog you know what i’m going thru. Just trying to live day by day 🙂
    Peace, BHMom

  5. BHMom, what’s the address of your blog? How can we keep your broken heart in prayer? How can we help answer questions?

  6. http://amothersbrokenheart.wordpress.com
    I contacted Mrs. Robertson and read thru her journal. our lives are so parallel and we live so close.
    I really don’t have any questions at this point, but I so appreciate you willing to help me. My prayers at this point are for my son to come back to God and for our family to stay together during this turbulent time.
    Blessings, BHMom

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