Every Heart Matters

Back from an unexpected vacation from this blog, flush with a renewed sense of purpose.

I get weird commentary both on this blog and in my emails and I take it all with a pretty good sense of humor.  But lately, there are have been comments from other Christians, Christians who know my stand, and who have contacted me about their stumbles with something that, so help me Yoda, sounds something vaguely like pride.  And man, I tell you, when other brothers who have been walking faithfully start to question your objections to sexual sin, you gotta sit in the corner for a while and contemplate if you’re doing any good in this world whatsoever.

After some deeper contemplation and prayer, mostly around how to respond to such outrageous communications with grace, I am back full-time.  For every deceived or pride-poisoned heart out there on the battlefield, there are other brothers out there who are trying to figure all this stuff out.  How do I reconcile my sexual orientation with my deep desire for a relationship with God?  I’m just one of you, trying to figure it all out.  In these intervening months I’ve grown more peaceful as I’ve studied — really STUDIED — God’s grace and love.  Not surprisingly, I’ve grown more peaceful with my leftover schrapnel of gay orientation.  I’ll be sharing on that grace in the next series of posts.

Oh, before I go, a caution:  if you’re here to argue that my position on “the gay world” is “delusional” or “hurting” others, just don’t, okay?  Or we’ll also review the difference between responding with grace and responding with timidity.  I guarantee you none of the latter.


~ by WriterRand on April 26, 2011.

One Response to “Every Heart Matters”

  1. The Story of an Exhomosexual Jesus Emilio Carbonell :
    As a boy, I began to feel same sex attractions at age 10, which I acted out with older kids. I later became involved with older homosexuals and bisexual men. Before deciding to do my transition, I lived my life as a regula homosexual man. When I moved away from home, I met a man who I thought was a woman. He introduced me to other “men” like him, who befriended me. We spent a great deal of time together. I asked them how they had got that way. So one of them introduced me to a doctor, who evaluated me. I was on my way to becoming a woman, just like my transgender friends.
    As a result of this I became physically developed as a woman, even though I was not one. The hair on my body and face started to fall off. Time passed by and I was happy with what I was seeing. Along with the physical changes, my personality changed. I felt that I was much more beautiful than the other transgenders. I became very arrogant. Even though my breasts had enlarged, I wanted more. I went to see a surgeon. She injected gel into my buttocks and began to pump them up. I saw an increase in their size right before my eyes.
    However, as the time went by, I became depressed. I was never able to be happy or find true love. I was in love with a guy who I thought was the best thing that had ever happened to me. But he was abusive. Despite his abuse, there was almost nothing I would not have done for him. But it was all in vain: He left me for someone younger. Later I fell ill with HIV and HepC with cirhossis.
    In the homosexual and transgender cultures, youth is very important. As a result, I was obsessed with my body and personal appearance. Acceptance by others in this lifestyle requires a good body and good looks. In order to be part of the homosexual or transgender crowd, people must meet certain criteria. men have to have more dominant female features.
    I was the center of attention and felt important. One time I saw myself from a side mirror and was frightened because I thought it was someone else.
    At one point, I was so depressed and lonely that I wanted to kill myself. After much suffering from abusing drugs and sex , being very sick in the hospital with Cirrhosis of the liver, and spending long days at the Psychiatric Hospital, I wanted to change my life.
    I turned to Christ. I stopped abusing drugs and dressing as a woman . Slowly I began to look like the gender of my birth. I went back to calling myself by my male name, the one that my parents had given me and that I had abandoned for all those years. I began to see that I was a new creature in Christ. I began to associate with people who were Christians. They loved me unconditionally, and I didn’t always have to look “beautiful” to be with them.
    Eventually, no one could tell that I had been a transgender for all this time. I knew God did not want me to live like this. He had made me whole in His love, and He would continue to complete me now. I began to experience a confidence that I had never had before.
    Now I am ready for the Lord to move me to the next step so that He will continue to work in my life. Jesus changed both my body and soul. I have been changed to be unchangeable. Never did I imagine that I would be giving this testimony. Take it from me, regardless of what you have done, when God is in you, your life will never be the same. Jesus Christ is the most powerful experience that ever happened to me!!!!!

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    Information/Information Alabanzas/Worship
    EX-HOMOSEXUAL POR JESUS http://www.exhomosexualjesus.com

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