Your Life in Print (or, a Small Progress Report)

So, last we left things these many months ago, I made the vital mistake of trusting someone for counsel that I should never have gone to.  My fault entirely.  Burn me once, shame on you.  Burn me twice, shame on me.

But God has a funny way of putting what you need right in plain sight sometimes, and He did just that.  One friend was there on a phone call and provided an open heart and a fully engaged ear.  The other, and a semi-surprising one at that, has pointed me to a book called Washed and Waiting.  It is stuff that I have known, stuff that I have studied before, but there are passages in there about the loneliness and the epic cross we are called to pick up that brought me waves of peace in between the constant teardrops.  She is a very good friend and has said, on more than one occasion, “I want to walk with you through this.”  THAT’S the voice of Jesus talking.

It does not make the burden any easier, though.  In fact, one of the best places to bring that loneliness, the author says, is the Church. After Mars Hill, THAT’S a thoroughly intimidating, horrifying option.  But it also feels like the right one.  Maybe.  God’ll have to change circumstances and find me one that will fit.

It feels like there is a course correction in progress.  It doesn’t heal the hurt, doesn’t make the tears stop or the ache lessen, but I read this man’s life and I feel understood and less of an outcast because of it.  And that is something.

As always, your prayers are appreciated.

~ by WriterRand on January 2, 2014.

One Response to “Your Life in Print (or, a Small Progress Report)”

  1. Dear christian friend. Have you seen in Christianity Today the articles about Mars hill church and their authoritarian ways and Mark Driscoll is being sanctioned for that? Pastors can get non biblical when they think they have the Only truth And people must realize and follow Them , instead , the scriptures tell us to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit, who speaks of the things of Jesus, the internal witness given to us who believes. Jesus prays for his disciples and us in John 17 that we be one in the Unity of love not the unity of a Pastors preaching only to point that that Pastor and those in leadership point to Jesus and the freedom in grace to be who God made us to be, endowed with the gifts He has specially given to you and special gifts given to me. One Spirit many gifts. Read Mel White Stanger At The Gate and Torn by justin lee founder of the Gay Christian Network who is having their conference in Portland Oregon January 8-10. 1915. Check the website Do your research. Not one gay person has been changed from being Gay to being Straight and all the Christian change program leaders have come out and apologized for misleading and damaging gay Christians. You can tell the lie of Satan when you listen to people who are condemning you for who you are and feeling for versus people who truly care and want to be with you for you. All of you. And draw you to life in Jesus as a gay person, loved by God, nurtured and seen as special and speaks to you that God is good and only wants good things for you in this life. Jesus did not come to make bad people good. He came to make Dead people Alive in Him. Cling to people that affirm this. Check it out. Gay Christians are not the enemy

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