Formerlygay is a 48-year old Christian who has come out of the homosexual life and he and God have carved a path together to restored masculinity and a healthy, fulfilling sexuality.  He lives in a basement apartment in Ballard, Washington with his weird feral cat Flippy.  (They’re *both* rescues.)

This blog will, at times, contain frank language.


11 Responses to “About”

  1. my blog would like to be your blog when it grows up!

  2. I will be adding you to my blogroll. I am blessed by your site and would like to keep you in prayer.



  3. I linked over here from RainbowJaneyGirl. Like what I am seeing. Both content and I do have to say, your blog is visually very well done.

  4. i am sorry but a man can be gay and masculine and living a healthy, fulfilling sexuality just as a queer woman can be feminine and have a healthy sexuality. It is one thing if you do not wish to be gay because you do not want to be gay, but trying to not be gay because of the views of others is not cool. Gay people do not need restoration. i wish people would stop thinking they have the ‘correct’ interpretation of Scriptures all the time. NO ONE has a monopoly on interpretations. Just because ‘tradition’ says something does not mean it is correct or that is what G-D intended.

    May G-D richly bless you!

    Warm Regards,


  5. I commend you for this blog and sharing your battle with this strong temptation with others. People, especially non-believers, do not understand how strong and how persistant satan is. Perhaps because satan leaves them alone since he has them already. You are a blessing to others.

  6. Please tell us if you stopped being gay or you stopped acting on your feelings. I want to know the difference.


  7. Why live your whole life a lie because some religious nut has told you being gay is wrong? Being gay is as natural as being straight, and if you’re going to pretend you’re not gay because you feel the need to please some god who doesn’t exist, you have my sympathy.

  8. Chris, I am not living a lie if I believe it is better to love everyone, even though my natural gut at times hates things and people. I pursue love, and operate in it (with effort) because I believe it to be better. a lack of self sacrifice naturally is in me. but what is better is contrary to it. I believe what God of the Bible is speaking the truth, but that doesn’t mean all of our natural, strong desires disappear.

  9. Thanks for a great blog!

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