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8 Responses to “Contact Formerlygay”

  1. WWJD?–Ok, so we get it. Yea, what would Jesus Do? Well for one, He wouldn’t go around blaming Fags. And if you aren’t one DO NOT REFER to them as Fags. It is like the N word with Blacks. You know He surely wouldn’t want his children in a war, especially when the Shittes & the Sunnies have been at war since 700 AD. That makes nothing but retardo sense. Also, He wouldn’t want his Children not being considerate for the Mother Earth. Also, he wouldn’t want the religious right to be a part of this insanity on the view of the world. How bad does that make God look. Oh, right, he allows a whole lot to occur without doing anything. Sounds like Apathy. But, I digress. I’m co,img out of a deep long depression about my partner because he died. After 15 years of loyal, & monogamous love that we shared. His sister got $170,000.00, his son got $210,000.00 & some land that He had in Edmond, Ok,also some Stocks. And I got the use of his house & making payments on that as well & after my death it referts back in his name.The only way to fight it would eventually mean that I would have to give it up because of the homophobia that still exists. Thank God & all his lil angels. That makes perfect sense. In a freaked out & messed up world. My condolences to Jay Baker & his family. There mother will never know how much that I could really appreciate her & dearly loved her. The world is a sadder place without her.

  2. Glen my friend…first, thanks for being here. I don’t care when or how or where on this site that you do it, but you’re always welcome here and you’re always welcome to post your feelings here. If you want to do it privately, send me email at the address above. (You have to replace the (at) with an @ symbol.)

    I have a friend who is dead set against hate crime legislation or marriage or even civil unions for homosexual people. She says gay people don’t need protections — heck, it’s even trendy now to be gay! She’s not awawre of the heartache and brokenness that comes as part and parcel of being gay. Most straight people are utterly ignorant of the problems that gay people still face today.

    My friend, I know it seems otherwise, but God is not apathetic towards you or your suffering. Not at ALL. We’re in a war, my friend. Satan is trying to take you out. God is trying to get you to call on Him for re-enforcements. It sucks to be in the middle of the cross-fire, that’s for sure, and I’m sorry you got hit.

    I’m praying for you, Glen. I will pray that God will make Himself known to you and show you how much He cares. Until then, I pray you’ll choose to come here any time you need to talk or if you need prayer. I’m — no, we’re — here to help.

  3. Is there a way you can increase the size of the font on your blog? I find it difficult to read. Or, is there a way I can increase it on my computer?


  4. Sorry, never mind…. I figure out how to increase in on my the font size on computer. I am using “firefox.” I went to ‘view” in the tool bar and then chose ‘text size” and then “increase.”

  5. I know the text size of the blog is a PITA. We’re working on it, but that’ll come with a complete redesign of the site when it becomes more than just a blog.

  6. I just discovered your blog. Could I provide a link to it on mine? If you want to check out mine it is at Happy journeying!

  7. Hey – could you get in touch with me – time for the Golden Rule Pledge again 🙂

  8. Hello there. Just wondered if you still post possibly elsewhere, still about…are ok? I really felt such pain in your writing. I would love to hear from you. Left my email. Carla.

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